Recent advances in Consumer Data Acquisition lists allow firms to collect, analyze and share detailed information about customers and to use this information for targeted offers. Data has always played a vital role in offering success in any marketing campaign; it plays a key role for marketers when building marketing campaigns and strategies. With consumers accessing online content through multiple devices, a more precise way to analyze and interpret data is needed.

Consumer Data Acquisition - Global Email Lists

There are several industries, where rivals co-operate in generating Market Leads. Beyond co-operation on data acquisition, the possibility to share customer data between competitors is also widely discussed in many industries as well as among the consumers.

Core Capabilities:

  •  Complete U.S. consumer data encompassing more than 220 million consumers and over 500 demographic and interest attributes
  •  Complete customer profiles by our consumer database lists
  •  Predictive response modeling driven from advanced algorithms
  •  Secure data transfer

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